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Tournaments run from the end of April to the end of September ever week. Each week we run two levels of tournament and matches are generally played Thursday through to Sunday. For specific match schedules please select the POLO menu and MATCHES sub menu tab for details.

Teams wishing to enter a tournament can enter  by clicking the link button which will take you to the booking page.

All visitors are warmly welcomed with no admission fee (except ticketed events)  and encourged to enjoy all that the club has to offer.




                                                                       TO ENTER A TOURNAMENT PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK BOX  WITH THE

                                                                                                            CORRESPONDING TOURNAMENT

Download FIXTURE PDF 4 GOAL Dashwood - ENTRY FORM 0 GOAL Continental Cup - ENTRY FORM ALL TOURNAMENT ENTRIES 2 GOAL Spring Cup - ENTRY FORM 6 GOAL Management Cup - ENTRY FORM 4 GOAL James Budgett - ENTRY FORM 0 GOAL Sonara Classic- ENTRY FORM 2 GOAL Ragley Cup- ENTRY FORM 8 GOAL La Rosada Ladies- ENTRY FORM